LED Lights

July 1, 2016


Through our sector presence, Bhragudev have identified the highest quality manufactures worldwide and have developed unique product development and manufacturing Partnerships. As a Solutions Company, we select the very best products for each situation, based upon the data that corresponds to your facility.

We have analyzed all of our Partner’s manufacturing capabilities, quality control procedures and their third party testing for each of the products we manufacture. We will only work with the most competent factories whose manufacturing processes and products are subject to ISO 9001 quality control procedures. All of our products have the highest reliability ratings.

Our lighting engineers assess each client’s project, with an on-site facility lighting audit and photo-metric analysis to be able to recommend the optimal solution for our clients. Our know how and many years of experience enable us to engineer a custom solution that will provide our clients with the BEST long term value.


Choosing the Right Energy-Efficient Bulb

Now that our testing of energy-efficient bulbs has proved their light output and longevity, there’s good reason to fit out the whole house. Good LEDs and CFLs are just as bright, or brighter, than the incandescent bulbs they replace.

Research has shown that the average home has 30 light fittings but only 6 are fitted with energy-efficient bulbs.

Lighting costs the average household Rs.12220 per year – about 12 percent of its electricity bill. Because lighting demand is higher during winter evenings, improving lighting efficiency reduces the demand on our electricity distribution infrastructure – and lowers your electricity bill.

Our testing has shown that good LEDs and CFLs are just as bright, or brighter, than the incandescent bulbs they replace. We also showed that name-brand bulbs last very well when switched on and off frequently.


Wattage Vs. Lumens

Wattage doesn’t tell you how bright a light is – it only tells you how much energy the light bulb is using to create the light. New energy efficient bulbs have lumens on the packaging, which are the measure of the bulb’s light output.