Solar EPC

July 1, 2016

Solar EPC & IPP

Grid connected “feed in tariff” based MW scale solar power plants is one of the core strengths of Bhragudev. Our Engineering team is known for the minimsfum power loss with maximum visibility at Owner end. We get involved from selection of land to power feed to the conventional existing distribution grid. Usually a MW size solar installation will have following properties:

  1. System that is connected to a large independent grid (typically public) and feeds power into the grid
  2. The electricity demand is met by the system and the excess is fed directly to the grid
  3. Inverter is required to convert DC electricity to AC
  4. Used in high voltage electricity generation – 600-1000V (buildings, residential rooftops, solar farms)


Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) of Solar Plant

In today’s market, project planning, design and execution are more complex and challenging than ever before. From feasibility analysis to first power unit generation, every project needs the experience and capability to deliver high-quality engineering and construction management solutions that will maximize performance and profits while meeting schedule and budget.