Solar Products

July 1, 2016


PV Modules

Bhragudev provides high quality high efficiency PV modules from recognized Tier I vendors with time tested performance. These highly efficient PV modules helps you to derive maximum energy out of Sunlight and maximize the savings.

  • Mono & Poly-crystalline Silicon PV Modules (3Wp to 300Wp)
  • Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules


Mono & Poly-crystalline Silicon PV Modules



  • High Power Module using mono/poly-crystal Silicon solar cell.mono-poly
  • Bypass diode to minimize power drop caused by shade.
  • Anti-Reflection coating to improve cell Conversion efficiency.
  • Al frame.
  • Lead wire with weatherproof connector for output terminal.

Thin-film Photovoltaic Modules



  • a-Si, Cd.Te, CIS panels.thin
  • Bypass diode to minimize power drop caused by shade.
  • a-Si, Cd.Te, CIS panels.

Solar PV Power Plant and Home Lights

Off-Grid Solar PV Power Plant(Standalone/Hybrid Systems/Home Lights)



  • Provides uninterrupted & stable Power as per customer load requirement.
  • Battery Back-up to operate load during night and non-sunny days.
  • Solar PV & AC-Mains/ DG can also be combined to provide Stable & continuous power.
  • Solar PV Power Plant Capacity range from 500W to 25 KW.
  • Solar home lighting and lanterns.


Grid Connect Solar PV Power Plant



  • Direct feeding of power from PV panels to Utility Grid.
  • Feed powers during peak hours & helps in grid stability.
  • Help reduce T& D losses by improving System voltage & Freq.
  • Generates Power at the point of use to meet partial & peak Load demand of the building (for captive consumption).
  • Grid Connect PV Power Plant range from 1KW to 100 MW


Solar Geysers

Bhragudev provides all kinds of solar water heaters.



  • Saves up to 70% on electricity bills.
  • Eco friendly, No noise, No smoke, no electrical shocks, No fire hazards.
  • Better performance in winter and cloudy days.
  • PUF Insulated Stainless Steel Inner Tank.